Pictures of our Adjustable Sway-Bar Links on a 1999 Porsche 986 Boxster

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1997-1999 Porsche 986 Boxsters
Adjustable Sway-Bar Links

This complete kit is a direct replacement, No modification required, Direct Bolt-on Replacement kit for the Left and Right Sway-Bar Links on all 1997-1999 Porsche 986 Boxsters.

Full adjustment in and out, 2" possible travel.

This complete kit comes with everything needed to replace your stock Sway-Bar Links.

Hardware includes; Nuts, Lock washers, Spacers and safety pins.

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Video Of Control Arms in Motion(Soon)

Installation Video Of our Porsche Adjustable Control Arms(Soon)

We paint everything on our Sway-Bar Links with a single stage enamel to ensure no rusting.

Our Adjustable Sway-Bar Links are made in-house, we use hi-tensile strength steel, then turn and tap the control arms on our lath to insure a 100% straight hole and tread.

All our manufactured parts are measured and tested before being boxed for shipping.

Kit includes; Left Adjustable Sway-Bar Links, Right Adjustable Sway-Bar Links, Rod-end Nuts with safty Pins for Left and Right Side and All adjustment Locknuts and washers.

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1997-1999 Porsche 986 Boxsters Adjustable Sway-Bar Kit
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